Halloween Kills Fan Points Out Hilarious Austin Powers Connection

Actor Mike Myers might have been born before audiences met the murderous Michael Myers in the original 1978 Halloween, but when the actor gained popularity in the '90s, audiences couldn't help but make reference to the ominous name he shared with the killer. While the Halloween film series itself doesn't reference the actor, one fan recently pointed out an unexpected and hilarious connection between the slasher villain and the comedic actor, noting that Michael McDonald was not only killed on-screen in Halloween Kills by Michael Myers, but also played a character that got killed by Austin Powers in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, with Powers having been played by Mike Myers.

"This is comedian Michael McDonald, who thanks to his appearances in both Austin Powers (1997) and Halloween Kills (2021), is the only person to have been killed on-screen by both Mike Myers and Michael Myers," the fan shared on Twitter.

While McDonald offered an entertaining performance in Halloween Kills to help elevate the experience, with his character's relationship in the film adding a more distressing element to his on-screen death, we can't help but wonder if director David Gordon Green intentionally sought out the performer for this specific connection. Given Green's knowledge of the Halloween franchise and his love of comedy, there likely had to be some acknowledgment of the significance of the actor's casting while on set, the bigger question is whether or not it was an intentional homage.

Last year's Halloween Kills brought with it a number of unexpected and unsettling reveals, with McDonald's "Little John" being just one of the many on-screen deaths witnessed by audiences. Having lived in Myers' former home with partner "Big John" (Scott MacArthur), it understandably put him right in the path of danger. Despite Myers being overpowered and brutally attacked by residents of Haddonfield in the film's finale, Myers sprang to life, killing his attackers, and infiltrating his former home. While there, he encountered Judy Greer's Karen Strode, with the murderer killing her off in the final scenes

The latest sequel, Halloween Ends, is currently filming and is said to be jumping forward in time by a few years, seemingly exploring how the town of Haddonfield and, more specifically, Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode have coped with the tragedy.


Halloween Ends is expected to land in theaters on October 14th.

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