Jamie Lee Curtis Shoots 'Halloween' Fan's Soundtrack During Target Practice

Jamie Lee Curtis confirmed that she had wrapped filming her portion of the upcoming Halloween sequel last week, but not before giving a fan a one-of-a-kind souvenir. While some fans would ask for a photo or an autograph, one fan asked for Curtis to shoot holes in the sleeve of the film's soundtrack on vinyl.

Curtis shared a photo of her precise shot, putting a bullet right between Michael Myers' eyes, adding the caption, "So, when I went back to do more gun training an OG fan of Halloween asked me to shoot his vinyl of the soundtrack. Not the actual vinyl but the cover. Needless to say I felt the pressure but hit my target none the less."

The score for the 1978 film was crafted by co-writer/director John Carpenter, who went on to score many of his famous films. The film's score is often considered just as eerie as any other element of the finished product. The filmmaker had no idea the impact the score would have, only being given a weekend to create the entire thing.

"Oh no, hell no, god no," Carpenter told Consequence of Sound if he was able to score Halloween to picture. "For both Assault [on Precinct 13] and Halloween, I go into a studio and depending on how much time I had, I'd do several pieces. For Assault, I had a day; for Halloween, I had three days."

The film's theme, arguably one of the most iconic horror movie themes of all time, was created incredibly quickly.

"Not the theme, the whole score [took three days]," he confirmed. "That theme was done in like an hour. We moved on."

The filmmaker has teased that he will also be providing the score for the upcoming sequel, which was co-written by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green, with Green directing.


The new Halloween hits theaters on October 19.

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