Interview With the Vampire Season 2 Episode 3 Recap With Spoilers: "No Pain"

The history of the Theatre des Vampires is revealed.

Last episode of Interview With the Vampire, Louis and Claudia were introduced to the Theatre des Vampires — something that finally gave Claudia the sense of community she had been seeking while also introducing Louis to the vampire Armand. This week, Armand opens up about the Theatre's history and reveals a major part of Lestat's history in the process. Here's what happened in "No Pain".

Warning: Spoilers for Interview With the Vampire Season 2, Episode 3, "No Pain" beyond this point.

Daniel is out at a restaurant going over his notes when another man begins to strike up a conversation with him. The man turns out to know who Daniel is and knows that he is meeting with vampires and knows quite a bit about the interview he's been doing. The mystery man works for an organization that has been tracking rapidly increasing numbers of vampires and confirms that the "Great Conversion" is real and happening. He says that there were four others who have tried what Daniel is doing and they have met grim fates and introduces himself as Raglan James. Raglan says he's placed resources on Daniel's laptop and departs.

Back with the vampires, Daniel makes conversation with Rashid while he looks over his laptop. Armand listens and then sits down to a conversation. Armand says that humanity is at the height of willful ignorance due to their distraction thanks to technology and social media and then starts to tell his own story. Armand says that he and the other vampires were primitive before Lestat. He was sent from the Roman coven in the 1500s to lead the Paris coven, but he was inexperienced and he and his Children of Darkness lived in squalor adhering to medieval laws for two centuries with their archaic rules. Then, Lestat appears, sired by a deserter, performing on the stage and living colorfully largely flouting the archaic rules. Armand seeks to bring him to kneel. Lestat refuses which rattles Armand's power.

Armand eventually confronts Lestat while he is with his human lover, Nicky and the confrontation enrages Armand. He immobilizes Lestat and takes Nicky after telling Lestat that he, too, can have certain powers by way of Magnus' blood. Back at the coven, Nicky is chained and has been fed upon. Lestat shows up carrying a giant crucifix and dismantles their faith and, with it, Armand's leadership. Armand admits to Daniel that he let it happen because he wanted it to. The coven dismantles and many end up going mad and ending themselves. Armand kept up the old rituals alone until Lestat comes to him again. Lestat asks about powers. Lestat comes up with the idea for the Theatre because on the stage, the audience believes what they are told to believe.

The Theatre is a success. Lestat and Armand become lovers — Lestat had also turned Nicky, but Nicky did not take to being a vampire well. Louis joins the interview and says that a week after an evening at the theatre when Armand taught Lestat the mind gift, Lestat abandoned the Theatre, Armand, and Nicky, leaving Paris. Louis picks his story back up. Louis and Claudia try to get their story about their sire straight and the details Claudia gives about him reveal some of the details of what Bruce did to her and it clearly distresses her but they don't address it. She is getting ready to work at the Theatre. Armand arrives. Backstage, Claudia is working and learning the ropes. Meanwhile, Louis and Armand stroll around Paris. Armand tries to convince Louis to join the coven, but he is not interested. Armand admits he's interested in Louis. Louis is haunted by the ghost of Lestat within his memories.

As the interview continues, Daniel gets a message from Raglan on his computer and a bunch of documents and files get sent over. He covers for the distraction badly, but the interview continues. Claudia asks Santiago how he gets people to submit and he tells he gets into their heads, finds their shame. Santiago also reveals that his own maker was killed by Armand. Santiago also asks about where Louis is from and Claudia lies and says he's from Gary, Indiana. Armand and Louis grow closer while out at a cafe, but Louis remains haunted by Lestat. Armand calls Louis out and he admits that Lestat was his maker and gets him to admit the murder. Armand has known for months. Louis has an emotional outburst and leaves the cafe. He "sees" Lestat and makes out with him. Lestat tells him to kill him again, but it is not Lestat, just a random man.

Back home, Claudia wants to continue sorting out details of their maker. Claudia opens up about her experience with Bruce and how horrific it was until one day he said he had had enough of her gloomy face and just rode off on his motorcycle. That's when she decided to go find Louis and head off to Europe. She then tells him the coven is going to let her join at the end of the week and she wants Louis to attend. He says he will. Rashid interrupts the interview so Armand and Louis can take an appointment. Daniel explores the documents that were sent to his computer and finds newspaper clippings about a great fire in 1949 that destroyed the Theatre.

In Paris, Louis attends for Claudia. Santiago gives Armand an ultimatum about Louis. Claudia is made a full member of the coven and told of the five laws of the vampires — including that no vampire should write the history of vampires, reveal their true nature to mortals and let them live, or destroy another vampire. Claudia agrees to the laws. The punishment for breaking the laws is death. Meanwhile, Armand is tasked with destroying Louis. Armand says that Claudia wont' last long either, because she will fall apart due to her age at embrace. Armand ends up not killing Louis but instead delivers him to his apartment. Armand tells him that he also had his heart broken by Lestat. Louis invites him in. The Theatre surprises Claudia with a new play — but she is forced to play a child.

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