John Carpenter Teams up With CHVRCHES for Remixed 7" Release

Filmmaker John Carpenter might not have directed a film in more than a decade, but his career is [...]

Filmmaker John Carpenter might not have directed a film in more than a decade, but his career is far from slowing, having released three full-length albums of original music, as well as having gone on multiple world tours. His most recent musical effort sees him partnering with the synth-pop band CHVRCHES, with Carpenter remixing their song "Good Girls," while CHVRCHES offered their own remix of his song "Turn the Bones." Both tracks will be available on a 7" that is due out December 10th, and is available to pre-order now through Sacred Bones Records. You can listen to the remixed tracks both above and below.

"His films and music have been so impactful on us over the years, and without the stories he created I am not sure that the concept of Screen Violence (and female narratives within the album) would exist in the way they do," says CHVRCHES' Lauren Mayberry, per Brooklyn Vegan. "As horror fans, we know that John Carpenter is the godfather and the gold standard and we're so excited to get to work with him in any capacity … We never really thought he'd reply, let alone that he'd send back something better than the original."

Carpenter himself added, "We chose the track we did because we connected with it the most and felt it would adapt best to our style. After we finished our remix, we asked them if they could also remix one of our songs in return, and they thought it was a great idea."

For those not entirely familiar with Carpenter's work, it might come as a surprise to learn the prolific filmmaker has pivoted to an entirely different artform, though horror fans are well aware of how Carpenter himself composed the scores for nearly all of his films, dating all the way back to early efforts like Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog, and his iconic Halloween. Due to the low-budget and independent nature of those films, Carpenter crafted the scores largely out of necessity, knowing he'd be able to use synths to quickly craft a soundscape in a cost-efficient manner, only for his scores to go on to become just as iconic as any of his narratives.

In addition to releasing three full-length Lost Themes albums of original musical, Carpenter also returned to the Halloween franchise to create the score for the 2018 sequel, as well as for the upcoming Halloween Kills.

You can head to Sacred Bones Records to pre-order the 7" before it hits shelves on December 10th. Halloween Kills is slated to hit theaters on October 15th. CHVRCHES' new album Screen Violence is out on August 27th.

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