Shazam! Cast Parodies Us at MTV Movie and TV Awards

This year's MTV Movie and TV Awards was a showcase of some of the best and most buzzworthy pop culture from the past year -- and it looks like Us was no exception. The award show included a brief parody of Jordan Peele's latest horror movie, with host Zachary Levi at the center of it. The sketch sees Levi and his "family", played by June Diane Raphael and Levi's Shazam! co-stars Faithe Herman and Ian Chen, at a very similar sort of summer getaway. They then are met with the shocking arrival of the "Tethered", which then gets subverted in a very specific way.

Levi's Tethered - who originally gets mistaken for John Krasinski - reveals that he had to work as a PostMates driver while his doppleganger was starring in big movies. This then starts a whole debate about how much one should ideally tip on PostMates, before Levi's Tethered kills Levi offscreen and joins the rest of the family.

While the sketch is relatively bleak, it is amusing for Us fans and Levi fans alike, and serves as a sort of mini-reunion between some of the Shazam! cast. As those who saw the film will surely remember, Herman and Chen played Darla Dudley and Eugene Choi, two of Billy Batson's (Asher Angel) foster siblings who eventually gain his super powers.

"The fact that all of that movie was, like the heartbeat of that movie, was the family dynamic of the movie." Levi said during a convention appearance last month. "And such an incredibly diverse and beautiful rainbow of diversity in that family, ethnically, but also one kid being disabled and all of them being foster kids. I have never in my life seen a movie, even not something that I haven't been a part of, that is so inclusive of so many groups of people that have not felt included. So I was like, 'This is gold. I'm so stoked. I'm so stoked that this is the heartbeat of what this movie is.'"


"It's an honor." Levi continued. "It genuinely, is an honor. And it's been so cool being on social media and seeing so many people who have felt that, and felt seen, finally. Foster kids or people who were in the foster system, are now adults and out of it, or kids that are in right now. And them feeling seen. If we can do anything in this world, I hope that we can always be, again, looking at people and saying to them, even just in the way we treat them, 'I see you. I see you and I value you. And you're worthy of living the life that you're living.'"

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