New Stranger Things Photo Has Fans Speculating About Season 4

It’s been a couple of months since the third season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix, which [...]

It's been a couple of months since the third season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix, which means fans of the hit show have been eagerly awaiting news of a fourth season. Considering the show ended with a post-credits scene cliffhanger, everyone has been confident that we'll get at least one more adventure featuring the kids from Hawkins. However, the people involved with making the show have been pretty silent on the subject… Until today! The official social media accounts for Stranger Things are sending clues that there's more to come. The accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have all changed their profile picture to this:

If it's not clear enough that it's a clock located in the Upside Down, they also tweeted this:

Many fans are commenting on the posts to speculate what the image could mean:

"Upside down time," @E_Savage__ speculated on Twitter. "AND THE CLOCK READS 11."

"Time travel. It was hugely referenced in this one more than all the other little references. They made seeing Back to the Future a big part of that episode and then part of the letter at the end he mentioned if he could turn back time. Then also the promise to make the date with Joyce. He could save Alexei. Time travel was a big part of many 80s films and TV," Arlan Martinez speculated on Facebook.

"Just spitballing, the top part of the clock is on the 12, the ticker is on the 11, the fade in black is on technically 19, so putting that together it's 12/11/2019, two weeks before Christmas, again just spitballing," Joshua Derouchie added.

"Halloween special," Andre Jacquett wondered.

Whether it's time travel or just another visit to the Upside Down, one thing is for sure… We're getting closer to an official season four announcement. What do you think this tease means? Tell us in the comments!

Currently, Hop's fate in the series is unclear. The character is thought to be dead by his friends and family in Hawkins, but fans of the show aren't buying it. First and foremost, we didn't see a body, which is pretty much the number one rule of television deaths. Second, the season's post-credits scene saw a Russian soldier being told to feed a prisoner to their Demogorgon, but is ordered to spare "the American." Some fans believe Harbour is also sending subtle hints on Instagram that Hop is the American. You can learn about the potential hidden meaning behind his profile photos here.

Stranger Things 3 is now streaming on Netflix.