Nosferatu Remake From The Witch Director Could Start Shooting Next Year

Ever since filmmaker Robert Eggers made a splash with his 2015 feature debut The Witch there's [...]

Ever since filmmaker Robert Eggers made a splash with his 2015 feature debut The Witch there's been talk of the director taking on a remake of Nosferatu. It would be easy to dismiss a new director immediately circling a remake as business as usual for Hollywood but Eggers has a take and is in fact quite passionate about. Updates on the project haven't been very common in the years since, though The Witch star Anya Taylor-Joy was previously revealed to be in talks to star a few years ago. News on the project has come in a surprising place however as a new profile piece with The Los Angeles Times on the actress has an update.

At one point the outlet reveals the incredibly busy schedule that Taylor-Joy has on her plate, noting that she is "booked solid for the next 2½ years." The actress will begin filming the dark comedy The Menu soon and will go down-under for the Mad Max-spinoff Furiosa at the start of 2022. The outlet goes on to note that after this on her schedule is the thriller Laughter in the Dark and after that the remake of Nosferatu. Though no specific timeline on when this will happen is given it may not be until the end of 2022 or even later. Hollywood scheduling is always fickle so it's possible that this could change again, but that Anya Taylor-Joy has found time in her schedule for the project says a lot about the probability that it's happening.

In addition to appearing in Eggers' The Witch in 2015, Taylor-Joy reunited with him for his forthcoming movie The Northman, scheduled for release in April of 2022. Assuming the vague timeline above holds, they'd return to filming on Nosferatu after this movie's release.

"The thing is I don't want to throw around titles because I was throwing around all my titles last time," Eggers previously told Den of Geek about the potential project. "And I mean, Saint Guillermo del Toro does it all the time and nobody cares, but I don't—I'm in prep for another movie. I hope it happens, but until I'm on set, saying 'action,' I don't really know if it's going to be the next one, you know?"

Lest we think that Eggers' take on Nosferatu is simply "fan favorite horror director is tasked with a remake" as it often seems from the outside, the director has a history with the project. In high school Eggers staged a version of it as a high school player which was so successful that he was hired to direct a professional version. His film would mark the third time he's worked on the material so he'll certainly have a firm grasp on it when or if it happens.

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