Orphan: First Kill Star Says She Was "Floored" by Initial Footage

It's been 12 years since the horror movie Orphan hit theatres, and a new prequel starring the [...]

It's been 12 years since the horror movie Orphan hit theatres, and a new prequel starring the movie's original lead, Isabelle Fuhrman, is currently in the works. Fuhrman's return as Esther in Orphan: First Kill is incredibly unique considering she was only 10 when the original movie was made, but considering the movie's big twist was that Esther was actually an adult woman with primordial dwarfism, it'll certainly be an easier sell than some other actors who have starred in prequels years after the original. In fact, Julia Stiles is expected to appear in the new movie, and recently told Collider she was "floored" by how they made it work.

"The working title was Esther, which I really liked, which is the name of the girl. What's remarkable is that Isabelle Fuhrman, who played the little girl in the original Orphan, now reprises her role as the same girl, same age, even though Isabelle's older now. ... But I just went and did ADR ... and I was floored. Because they didn't use CGI. The tricks that they did with the camera and different perspective tricks that they had, plus her costume and prosthetics and all that, she looks like a child. And her performance is stunning, because she embodies a child too in the way that she talks and the way she walks," Stiles shared.

Fuhrman recently detailed to Collider that the prequel is "definitely not what I think most people will expect, which I think is really exciting and what really drew me to even coming back to play that role. And also, what I think is most exciting about it is it's something that's never been done cinematically. There's never been an adult actress who reprised a role she played as child. And that was exceptionally difficult and really fun to do, because when I was a kid and I played Esther, I was constantly playing a 33-year-old hiding herself as a kid while I was also 10, and this time, it was like, 'Here's a little weight off my shoulders,' since I just have to pretend I'm 10 because I'm already an adult."

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Orphan: First Kill does not yet have a release date. Stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming horror movie.