Paramount+ Now Streaming an Oregon Trail Horror Movie With the Best Title Ever

The horror-western Organ Trail is now streaming on Paramount+

Ahead of the Halloween season Paramount+ is now streaming a horror movie that will almost certainly catch your eye, Organ Trail. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, an Oregon Trail-themed horror movie that is simply titled Organ Trail. The title alone is enough to conjure images in your head that might rival Bone Tomahawk, and the poster sells this one with the kind of generic horror poster that one might expect of a low-brow attempt. Except, Organ Trail is only kind of a horror movie. You can watch it yourself on Paramount+ right now, or learn more about it below.

What is Organ Trail about?

Directed by Michael Patrick Jann, best known for comedies like Reno 911! and The State, and featuring a script by Meg Turner, Organ Trail is officially described as follows: "Abigale and her family fall victim to a ruthless gang while making their way across the Oregon Trail. As the only survivor, she will do whatever it takes to retrieve her one earthly possession, her family's horse, from the clutches of the bloodthirsty bandits."

It's worth noting however that despite how Organ Trail is being sold and classified across the internet, it's not really a horror movie. There are some really intense moments of violence featured throughout the movie, including some scary sequences and even some wild scenes that you've never seen in a movie before; but on the whole, Organ Trail is more of a western, even a western thriller, albeit one that happens to have some gruesome imagery at times. Horror movie fans will certainly be satisfied with some of the big suspires that can be found in Organ Trail, but anyone expecting a zombie or cannibal movie that is joking about the classic computer game will not find that here. Organ Trail is a dramatic meditation on vengeance, and one that is a rewarding watch.

Who stars in Organ Trail?

The cast of Organ Trail includes a few familiar faces for audiences, including Orphan Black & Riverdale star Zoé De Grand Maison as Abby, Mather Zickel (Better Things) as Pa, Lisa LoCicero (General Hospital) as Ma, Lukas Jann as Tobias, Olivia Grace Applegate (Euphoria) as Cassidy, Sam Trammell (True Blood) as Logan, Nicholas Logan (HBO's Watchmen) as Rhys, Michael Abbott Jr. (Killers of the Flower Moon) as Brody; Alejandro Akara (The Mosquito Coast) as Felix, Clé Bennett (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) as Erik, and Jessica Frances Dukes (Ozark) as Nora. The Organ Trail cast also features a surprise appearance by one of Michael Patrick Jann's former collaborators on The State and Reno 911, Thomas Lennon, who plays a memorable character called Royale Fitzgibbon.