Former Pet Sematary Director Hopes to Make Return to Horror

There have been dozens of adaptations of Stephen King stories over the years, with one of the more beloved being Mary Lambert's 1989 adaptation of Pet Sematary, with the filmmaker also going on to direct the follow-up Pet Sematary Two. While Lambert hasn't entirely avoided the horror genre in the years since, having directed entries into the Halloweentown and Urban Legends franchises, she recently replied to a fan on Twitter to express her interest in returning to genre filmmaking. Given her accolades in the Pet Sematary series, some fans would surely love to see her take another crack at the franchise, though a prequel to the narrative is already heading to Paramount+.

When a fan on Twitter asked, "Can we please get a new horror movie from Mary Lambert?" Lambert herself shared the message while adding, "I'd really love to make one."

The original Pet Sematary movie focused on the Creed family moving to a rural town in Maine, leading to the discovery of a "pet sematary" which had a habit of bringing dead pets back to life. When the young Gage Creed is hit by a truck, his desperate father makes the decision to bury the toddler in the area, bringing an otherworldly version of the child back to life.

In Pet Sematary Two, a teen-aged boy also takes drastic measures to reconnect with a family member, this time burying his dead mom in the sacred ground, resulting in her reanimated corpse coming to life.

Back in 2019, another take on the original novel was brought to life by filmmakers Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch. The movie largely followed the source material, though made a handful of specific deviations to create an experience that felt a bit more fresh.

The new prequel is directed by Lindsey Beer from a script by Jeff Buhler, who previously wrote the 2019 adaptation. The prequel is expected to "serve as an origin story to the Stephen King novel about a family that discovers a rather disturbing graveyard in the woods behind their home."

Back in 2019, Lambert herself detailed some of the plans she originally had for a Pet Sematary sequel to Bloody Disgusting, which would have focused on a grown-up Ellie Creed from the first movie.


Stay tuned for details on the future of the Pet Sematary franchise and Mary Lambert's potential return to horror.

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