Stephen King's Salem's Lot Movie Gets 2022 Release Date

Following a slew of casting updates in recent weeks, the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot has now secured a release date of September 9, 2022. The new film is produced by James Wan, whose Malignant lands in theaters and on HBO Max this weekend, and the adaptation is written and directed by Gary Dauberman. The filmmaker previously wrote both IT and IT CHAPTER TWO, which were based on the King novel, and both of which landed in theaters on similar September weekends in 2017 and 2019. Stay tuned for details on the new Salem's Lot before it hits theaters on September 9, 2022.

Stephen King's website describes the story, "Author Ben Mears returns to 'Salem's Lot to write a book about a house that has haunted him since childhood only to find his isolated hometown infested with vampires. While the vampires claim more victims, Mears convinces a small group of believers to combat the undead."

The cast currently consists of Makenzie Leigh, Bill Camp, Spencer Treat Clark, Alfred Woodward, and William Sadler.

Originally released in 1975, the storyline has gone on to earn a number of adaptations over the years. The first adaptation came in 1979 as a two-part TV event, which was helmed by The Texas Chain Saw Massacre creator Tobe Hooper. In 2004, Rob Lowe starred in another two-part adaptation for TNT.

Hulu's Castle Rock serves less as a direct adaptation of King's works and instead borrows various elements from all corners of his lore to craft an entirely new narrative. The second season of the series heavily featured the town of Jerusalem's Lot and various other elements from the 'Salem's Lot storyline.

In 1978, King would publish the short story "Jerusalem's Lot," which he had written before developing the 'Salem's Lot novel. That short story took place long before the events of the novel, marking the first exploration of the unsettling events unfolding in the community. An adaptation of "Jerusalem's Lot," Chapelwaite, is currently airing on EPIX.

Stay tuned for details on the new Salem's Lot before it lands in theaters on September 9, 2022.

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