Original Scream Writer Reminds Fans This Character Is Definitely Dead

The twisted and unexpected nature of the Scream franchise has caused countless fans to speculate over the years about the fate of specific characters, as they hoped their favorite characters could have somehow survived seemingly fatal encounters, but original writer Kevin Williamson confirmed that, as much as fans might wish he had survived, Jamie Kennedy's Randy is definitely dead. The filmmaker also noted that a big reason fans concoct theories about characters surviving is due to how much they love the figures, with one of his goals for the series being that the deaths of characters actually mean something.

"That has happened, where people are like, 'Well, are they really dead? Do they have to be dead?'" Williamson shared with ComicBook.com in response to fan theories. "I think after the sequel, after Scream 2, I remember people took [Randy's death] very hard because, at the time, that was a beloved character, which, to me, is what keeps the franchise moving, is that it's real. If you kill someone you really love, it makes it personal for people. I remember people going, 'He's not really dead, is he? He's not really dead. He's survived, didn't he?'"

When asked to remind fans of Randy's fate, Williamson confirmed, "Yeah, he's dead," while noting, "That's the [fan theory] that, really, I get the most."

Outside of being specifically asked about whether or not Randy could have survived, Williamson also went on to note that, given his history of developing terrifying tales, another question he's often asked is about his own personal fears.

"I guess one of the questions is, 'What scares you?' I get that question a lot or some version of that question," the filmmaker confirmed of popular questions among fans. "What's so funny, though, is [Scream director] Wes [Craven] told me that that was his number one question whenever someone would ask him. The number one question asked, 'What scares you?' It's like, I'm afraid of the dark just like anybody else. I'm afraid of things I can't see. I'm afraid of the unknown. I'm afraid of whatever this brain can conjure up, because that's really what it's about."

The next Scream is set to hit theaters on January 14, 2022, on which Williamson served as an executive producer.

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