New 'Scream' and 'Hellraiser' Films Being Considered by 'Halloween' Reboot Producer

Producer Jason Blum helped pull off the impossible with last year's Halloween, as the sequel not only managed to inspire a modicum of interest in the stagnated franchise, but also helped deliver one of the most financially and critically successful films in the franchise since it launched 40 years ago. Blum recently confirmed that, were the chance to arise, he remains interested in potentially reviving the Scream and Hellraiser franchises.

"Yes, we definitely have [discussed it]," the producer confirmed with CinemaBlend when asked about the two specific properties. "We're looking - there's nothing happening with either one of those things - but we're definitely looking at it, and it's definitely something I'd be open to."

News that Blum and his Blumhouse Productions studio are interested in the series is sure to excite fans of both franchise, though interest in such endeavors is far from confirmation that it could happen. Even with the success of last year's Halloween, the fate of that franchise is currently uncertain.

"We had talked about it but right now we’re not shooting any Halloween movies right now because we don’t have deal rights to the sequels," Blum recently admitted to Moviefone. "But I certainly hope to make 10 more but I’ll start with one more."

All films in the Scream series, which launched in 1996, were directed by Wes Craven, who sadly passed away in 2015. After Scream 4 in 2011, the franchise reinvented itself as a TV series on MTV, with the completed third season currently tied up in distribution rights issues. While the future might not look promising for Scream at the moment, franchise star Neve Campbell previously admitted she would be happy to participate in a new chapter.

“Yeah, absolutely. I would love to do that,” Arquette shared with Slasher Radio at the notion of starring in another movie. “I think [Wes Craven would] still be a part of it in an incredible way. It would be like a tribute almost. Yeah, I think it would be really fun. I love everyone involved in it. Neve [Campbell] is such an anchor, and so incredible as an actress. I think there’s something there.”

The Hellraiser franchise, on the other hand, is still currently churning out new entries, the most recent of which being Hellraiser: Judgment. Interestingly, director of Judgment, Gary Tunnicliffe, pointed towards the success of Scream as the downfall of the Hellraiser franchise.

"I got a call to go in and meet with [producer] Bob [Weinstein] about a Hellraiser story I pitched called 'Holy War,' and I was maybe talking about directing that was that," the director shared with "That week Scream came out and did its business, and then Bob and the guys, rightly so, were like, 'Oh, look, let's try and figure out this guy with the nails in his head and this weird sexual stuff. Look, Scream, there it is. Ka-ching. It's easy, it works. It's a f-cking guy in a mask going around with a big knife chopping up teenagers.'"

He added, "It's brilliantly conceived by [screenwriter] Kevin Williamson turning it on its head. But it was so much easier for them to get their head around, and to work with because that's the problem when you're trying to, even as a writer, whether it be Revelations, or Judgment, or whatever I've been involved in when ever you're trying to give these people ... It's literally like f-cking chopped."


Stay tuned for details on what Blumhouse will work on next.

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