Significant Other Trailer Starring It Follows' Maika Monroe Released by Paramount+

Maika Monroe is returning with yet another genre effort, as a trailer for the upcoming thriller Significant Other has been released by Paramount+. Back in 2014, Monroe starred in both The Guest and It Follows, two of the most acclaimed genre efforts of that year, instantly putting her on the radar of horror fans. While she didn't immediately pursue horror films following those standout performances, recent projects like Villains, the TV series The Stranger, and this year's Watcher have seen her more fully return to the realm that earned her a passionate following. Check out the trailer for Significant Other below before it premieres on Paramount+ on October 7th.

Significant Other follows a young couple (Maika Monroe & Jake Lacy) who take a remote backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest, but things take a dark turn when they realize they may not be alone.

The film was written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, who previously delivered the Monroe-starring Villains. Loudon McCleery and Teal Sherer also star in the film.

Based on the cult success of Monroe's breakout roles, many audiences are hoping we could get followups to either adventure, with the actor having previously weighed in on such opportunities.

"I would absolutely love to work with [director] David [Robert Mitchell] again. That would be a dream, but, you know, we'll just have to wait and see," Monroe shared with in 2020 when asked about an It Follows sequel.

With attention surrounding The Guest increasing with each year, including director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett even admitting that they are working on some sort of continuation, seeing Monroe return to that narrative seems more likely. In regards to whether she was surprised a sequel hasn't happened yet, the actor shared with The Hollywood Reporter, "Yes and no. I mean, I am surprised because I feel like the movie was so successful. The ending, especially, is so iconic and so fun, and it felt like setup for more. But also knowing Adam, I feel like he enjoys leaving it like that, so I don't know if he would do a second. We'll have to see."

As we wait to see if Monroe will star in any sequels, we can see her in Significant Other when it premieres on Paramount+ on October 7th.

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