It Follows Star Maika Monroe Wants to Return for Sequel

Actress Maika Monroe quickly made a name for herself in genre circles after starring in the [...]

Actress Maika Monroe quickly made a name for herself in genre circles after starring in the one-two punch of The Guest and then IT Follows. The horror-thriller movies remain fan favorites since their debut in 2014 and though a....follow-up to hasn't been announced for either, Monroe has once again expressed her desire to return, having said as much to last year. Speaking in an interview with CBM, Monroe said: "One of my favourite directors I've worked with is David [Robert Mitchell]. I would do anything to be able to work with him again! Whether it's an It Follows sequel or something else, I think he's so insanely talented, and I'm looking forward to his upcoming projects that he has."

Monroe also shared a memory from the set and how that clued her into what the end product might be for the movie, saying: "I remember on set, and I don't usually watch playback, but there were a couple of times where we were doing really long shots, and it was helpful to watch and understand the movement of the camera, and I remember where I was just like, 'Whoa! These shots are stunning.' I'd never really seen horror shot this way, so there were moments where I said, 'Oh man, maybe this will turn out to be something really cool,' but you never really know...It's pretty wild, and it's just incredible how this has impacted so many people and how some of them still to this day love the film so much."

In the film, after Jay (Monroe) goes on a date with a boy that leads to sex, she is horrified to learn she was taken advantage of in a supernatural scheme. Due to their sexual encounter, Jay is now that target of an entity with the ability to take the appearance of anyone, whose sole mission is to kill. The only way to slow it down is to have sex with someone, who will then become the main target of this creature, which could potentially buy you time. Not comfortable creating a massive body count, Jay aims to neutralize this monster no matter what it takes.

Given the proclivity of the horror genre to make unending sequels in the face of minor success, it's not hard to imagine a world where IT Follows became a franchise after its release. Luckily that hasn't happened and IT Follows Hawaii Tourists or another sequel with a ridiculous concept has never come to pass, but if David Robert Mitchell and Monroe both want to return it seems like a home run.