Slasher: Flesh & Blood Clip Features a Dangerous Visitor (Exclusive)

Slasher: Flesh & Blood is coming to its conclusion, with an all-new clip from Episode 7 of the series teasing a frightening encounter above. The Shudder series has taken audiences on a thrilling and disturbing journey over the past month, with today seeing the release of the final two episodes from this season. For those who might not have had a chance to check out the disturbing final installments, the above clip gives a glimpse of what's in store for Slasher and its unwilling victims. All eight episodes of Slasher: Flesh & Blood are now available to stream on Shudder.

Slasher: Flesh & Blood follows a wealthy but dysfunctional family gathering for a reunion on a secluded island. Their old wounds and competitive rivalries flare up when the family realizes a masked killer is among them, intent on cruelly picking them off one by one.

The eight-episode season stars David Cronenberg alongside cast members from past Slasher anthologies, in brand-new roles, including Paula Brancati (Dark Oracle), Jefferson Brown (Carrie), Patrice Goodman (Sunnyside), Sabrina Grdevich (A.I. Artificial Intelligence), and Christopher Jacot (Going the Distance). New to the franchise are Rachael Crawford (Heartland), Jeananne Goossen (The Walking Dead), Sydney Meyer (Departure), and Alex Ozerov (The Americans).

"Slasher: Flesh & Blood is like Knives Out done by John Carpenter and takes the Slasher franchise to a new level with a gripping and scary story about family secrets, intrigue, murder, and legacy," Shudder general manager Craig Engler shared when news emerged of the series heading to Shudder. "We're incredibly lucky to have David Cronenberg, an icon of the genre, giving a standout performance as the fearsome, intimidating patriarch of the Galloway family who sets the tone for the shocking twists, crazy mysteries, and total mayhem that's to come. Shudder members won't want to miss a single episode of this incredible event series."

Developed and produced by Shaftesbury and created by Aaron Martin, Slasher: Flesh & Blood is executive produced by Aaron Martin, Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, David Ozer, Thomas P. Vitale, David Nagelber, Tim Rouhana and Showrunner Ian Carpenter, with Adam MacDonald directing. Slasher: Flesh & Blood is produced in association with the Rogers Cable Network Fund.  

Check out all eight episodes of Slasher: Flesh & Blood on Shudder now.

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