Stephen King's The Boogeyman Movie Adds Host Director

The latest Stephen King project to being getting adapted into a feature film is The Boogeyman, with that project having enlisted Host and Dashcam director Rob Savage to helm from a script by Mark Heyman. The project has been in the works for years, with A Quiet Place writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods having previously been developing the script, with Malignant writer Akela Cooper also having contributed to a script. Production on the film is expected to begin this winter/spring, according to Deadline, though the project does not yet have a release date. Hulu is producing the film, with it expected to debut on the streamer. 

The story follows a man whose three children died under mysterious circumstances at young ages, with the major connecting factor being that all deaths took place when they were left alone in their bedrooms. Additionally, all three children exclaimed, "Boogeyman!" before perishing.

One of the last updates on the project came from Beck and Woods last year, who noted at the time that the merger between The Walt Disney Company and Fox was having an impact on The Boogeyman's development.

"We've got a script that we're super excited about," Woods shared with "I think development is kind of growing and changing and evolving, but it's been ... I don't know. It was a really fun project."

Beck added, "You always have to get your script, basically, blessed by Stephen King once you basically have a draft, and he gave the thumbs up on that. We're not sure ... with the Disney and Fox merger, that's the only big hiccup and we're off in pre-production land on our next movie. But, outside of that, yeah. We're hoping, fingers crossed, that that movie can see the light of day sooner than later."

Savage's breakout opportunity was last year's Host, a project that was entirely written, shot, and released during the pandemic, exploring a group of friends who came together on Zoom to conduct a seance. That film led to a partnership with Blumhouse for his latest film Dashcam, which has been screened at various festivals though has yet to earn a release date.

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming adaptation of The Boogeyman.


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