'Stranger Things' Stars Reveal Their Dream Marvel Team-Ups

Starring in a wildly successful Netflix series often leads to major opportunities for an actor, [...]

Starring in a wildly successful Netflix series often leads to major opportunities for an actor, with various stars often jumping from the small screen to major big screen adventures. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, for example, will be seen later this spring in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. While the young cast of the series might not be quite old enough to embrace iconic superheroes just yet, there are still plenty of Marvel characters they'd like to collaborate with on screen. During a panel at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington, the cast members revealed which heroes they'd most like to see their Stranger Things characters join on screen.

"For some reason, I think Dustin and Tony Stark would be a really funny [combo]," Gaten Matarazzo shared. "But it's a lot like Dustin and Steve so I'd pick something else. I think they would be very funny. Thor and Dustin would be funny."

Caleb McLaughlin had a harder time picking out a specific hero, given how exciting the entire Marvel roster is.

McLaughlin admitted, "I mean, I love all the Marvel characters. I'm just trying to think of Lucas' personality and if he'll get annoyed quickly. [Maybe] Black Panther. He'd be like, 'Uhhh no one else here looks like us, bud.'"

Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on the series, also had a difficult time picking just one Marvel character that Mike would work well with. Luckily, his co-star offered a suggestion.

"I think Mike and Bruce Banner would be a cool combo. Like they would be all science-y and stuff," Matarazzo pointed out. However, Wolfhard noted that Matarazzo suggested Banner and not his super-powered alter ego.

"Wait, so just Bruce Banner and not the Hulk?" Wolfhard joked. "That's like saying [I should teamup] with a werewolf, but just the guy."

Wolfhard might have had difficulty picking one character he'd like to see his Stranger Things character work with, but he previously revealed to ComicBook.com the way he'd most like to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked the superhero he'd most like to play, the actor replied, "I would like to play 'Guy on Computer' in the background of a Marvel movie."

While we might have to wait and see if any of the stars of Stranger Things joins a comic book movie at some point in the future, we'll get to see them in the third season of the Netflix series when it debuts on July 4th.

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