Stranger Things Season 4 Reportedly May Be Expanding Episode Count

Back in September, Netflix confirmed Stranger Things was renewed for a fourth season, and fans of [...]

Back in September, Netflix confirmed Stranger Things was renewed for a fourth season, and fans of the hit series eager to find out what's next for the kids from Hawkins. There's been no word on how long the hit series will last, but rumors indicate that the show will likely have a season five. In the latest edition of TV Line's "Ask Ausiello," in which television fans ask the President and Editorial Director of the website questions, Ausiello revealed that the show's fourth season might feature a bonus ninth episode. Here's what Ausiello had to say when asked if he any "any new intel on Stranger Things."

"There's chatter that Season 4 may actually consist of nine episodes, one more than initially planned. That would make Stranger Things 4 one the Netflix drama's meatiest seasons ever (tied with its sophomore run). I'm also hearing that a fan-favorite character may have his/her origin story told in one (or more) of those nine episodes," Ausiello answered.

In case you forgot, the second season of Stranger Things also had nine episodes. The season's seventh chapter, "The Lost Sister," featured Eleven making friends with a band of outcasts in Chicago, including her "sister," Kali AKA Eight. While some people weren't a huge fan of this episode, others felt that since that they expanded the season, it made for a fun little bonus viewing.

The big question of Stranger Things' upcoming season will be whether or not Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) survived the end of the third season. He's presumed dead by his friends and family in Hawkins, but fans of the show aren't buying it. Recently, Harbour spoke to TheWrap and claimed he doesn't know his character's fate.

"So [creators Matt and Ross Duffer] told me the arc of the season, and then I think we got Episode Eight like a couple months before we shot it," Harbour admitted. "And I remember reading that episode, and they hadn't told me this whole thing about this Russian facility at the end and how that was gonna be the sort of teaser and like 'The American' and the Demogorgon. They hadn't told me about any of that, actually, and I just read it in the script and I thought it was amazing."

While we doubt the series would bring the character back so quickly after his apparent demise, Harbour implies he hasn't heard anything about even a small appearance in the upcoming season.

"And I really thought I was 'The American,' and then I haven't heard a lot from them," the actor confessed. "So I really don't know if I am. But I thought I was, but it was never discussed."

He added, "I didn't ask [The Duffers], 'cause I felt confident I was — and now I'm not so confident."

Stay tuned for details on Season Four of Stranger Things.