Stranger Things Star David Harbour Recalls His Emotional Last Day on Set

The latest season of Stranger Things might have been the emotional season yet. The third outing of the Netflix hit ended on a sad note, seeing one the show's tight-knight families ripped apart because of the wonky interdimensional play fans have come to expect from the show. As you might expect, the scene in question wasn't too easy on David Harbour and Winona Ryder, the actors that took part in the climactic scene.

In a new interview with TheWrap, Harbour revealed that the scene was pretty tough, not only because of its content but because it was the last thing he filmed for the season. “For her [Ryder], and me as well, we just sort of didn’t want to see each other on that day,” Harbour recalls of the day. “It was very late in the season, it was the last thing I shot. And so it was just me looking up at a window. And for me, in that moment, it was sort of very easy."

He adds, "I mean, I did some work on what I wanted to convey. But it was like the culmination of this three year journey with this actress that I adore, and I adore working with, and I’ve never experienced anything like the co-star working relationship I have with her. And so it was kind of the culmination of that. So in that way, it was easy to just have that be informed by what I have felt over these last three years as opposed to anything we could do in the moment.”

Harbour then went on to explain the camaraderie that has blossomed around the cast, mentioning the final moments of photography every season are bittersweet because of the finality of it all. “It’s always hard for Winona at the end of a season. I think she, like me, we get very attached to a season and then it’s like saying goodbye. And this was a big one," the actor says. "...I love that he let go that way, that he lets her off the hook for something that she has to do for their kids. I mean, their kids are more important than them, clearly, in that moment. I love that moment.”

As far as a return goes, Harbour has played coy in the past about Chief Hopper's potential reemergence. Production on the fourth season is expected to begin any day.


The first three seasons of Stranger Things are now streaming on Netflix.

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