Linda Hamilton Thought Sarah Connor Should "Just Be Fat" in Terminator: Dark Fate

Linda Hamilton has spoken a lot recently about Terminator: Dark Fate and her latest idea for how to present Sarah Connor would have caught a lot of fans off-guard. She told Cinemablend that she would have had her character return fat. The shock value would have been there for sure, although it's not really clear that there needed to be any more surprises in the movie after that whopper of a moment early in Dark Fate. Still, the idea of a Bro-Thor version of the heroine is pretty staggering to consider. There was more than enough of a shake-up to go around in this film as the entire mythos of the Terminator series is basically changed forever by the end of the movie.

She describes why this is the approach she thought would really shake audiences. Hamilton began, "The shock value, I think, sort of plants everybody in, immediately. I actually kept arguing that maybe she should just be fat. That would have shock value too."

If you were wondering what the big twist near the beginning that would throw the fanbase into a tailspin was, here we go. Hamilton take to The Hollywood Reporter this week about James Cameron deciding to kill John Connor so early in the film.

"James Cameron's decision to kill John Connor at the beginning of Dark Fate was very controversial amongst certain fans, but to me, there really isn't a movie if Sarah isn't fueled by her rage and hatred for Terminators. Plus, after five movies with John as a focal point, I think the franchise needed to forge a new path without him. I also tend to believe that Sarah wouldn't join the new fight if her and John were both alive and well. So, where do you stand on the decision to kill John?," THR wondered.


"That's a very good point that you just said. I don't think Sarah and John would be there at all if they were still fine and strong. I thought it was a great leaping-off point for my character. To create a new fuel and fire for Sarah Connor, I thought it was a very good story point. I'm not one that clings to past ideas. Judgment Day is about John, but John wouldn't exist without Sarah. Then, something else will happen, and Sarah will have to die. That is kind of the nature of life, and I would like that to be the nature of franchises where it's not just the same story retold each time. I just think it's much more interesting to launch from a new place," Hamilton responded.