Eli Roth's Thanksgiving Gets Official Poster

The poster will prepare us for the film's first teaser trailer.

After years of fans showing their love for Grindhouse from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, the legacy of the genre project will live on in the upcoming Thanksgiving from Eli Roth. With the new film set to be unleashed in theaters in November, the first official poster for the movie has been released, which also confirmed that the first teaser trailer will be debuting imminently. While plot details have been kept under wraps, with the movie being an adaptation of Roth's fake trailer for Thanksgiving, we can assume it will borrow heavily from glimpses of the project in that trailer. Thanksgiving hits theaters on November 17th.

"This Thanksgiving, there will be no leftovers. We're debuting the first poster for Thanksgiving, only in movie theaters November 17th. Teaser trailer tomorrow," Fandango captioned their tweet sharing the poster.

The poster itself confirms that the killer will sport colonial garb and use an ax as his main weapon, but something tells us that this will only be one tool in his arsenal of violence.

That original Grindhouse movie saw Tarantino and Rodriguez develop full-length movies that were exhibited back to back, evoking a feeling similar to the earlier days of theaters where one ticket could get you two movies. To more fully honor that concept, Tarantino, as well as Rob Zombie, Edgar Wright, and Rodriguez himself, all crafted trailers for fictional movies.

Despite only being conceived as a gimmicky recreation of that atmosphere, Rodriguez went on to develop multiple movies based on the trailer for his fake film Machete. While other filmmakers have shot down the notion of turning their trailers into real movies, Roth has been teasing for years that he was interested in expanding the concept. 

A new horror movie from Roth is exciting enough, as is a horror movie that is based on something with a built-in following. Adding even more excitement to the concept is that the film centers around the holiday of Thanksgiving, which was largely overlooked in the genre.

The popularity of Christmas in many communities means that many movies have aimed to offer unsettling experiences that juxtapose the traditional joy and merriment of the holiday, such as Black Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night, and even last year's Violent Night. The spooky nature of Halloween also means many horror movies have unfolded on All Hallow's Eve, but Thanksgiving is often overlooked in the world of horror. Films like Blood Rage or Thankskilling center around the holiday, with Roth's project potentially becoming an annual watch among fans.

Thanksgiving is set to hit theaters on November 17th.

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