Patrick Wilson Teases 'The Conjuring 3' Isn't Like Anything We've Seen

The upcoming The Conjuring 3 will mark the seventh overall film in the franchise when it finally lands in theaters, but star Patrick Wilson claims it will deliver audiences an unexpected experience.

"Oh boy. We just finished Annabelle 3 which is cool. It's nice to dip our toes into that franchise a little bit," Wilson confirmed with Digital Spy. "Conjuring 3 will be different than anything we've seen, which is fun."

The first two films in The Conjuring series both focused on Wilson and Vera Farmiga playing actual demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigated instances of families haunted by otherworldly entities. The Annabelle and The Nun spinoff films similarly explored supernatural spirits, though they were slightly different narratives than what the proper Conjuring films explored.

Director James Wan helmed the first two Conjuring films and produced the various spinoffs, yet The Curse of La Llorona helmer Michael Chaves will be taking over directorial duties on the third film. Wan's successes in the horror genre helped open doors to big-budget action films, such as the upcoming Aquaman.

"I’m always constantly trying to find stuff that would challenge me as a filmmaker and I don’t linger in that one space for too long," Wan explained of pursuing new genres. "Even though I’ve done a bunch of horror movies, all my horror movies are slightly different to each other."

The next film in the franchise, Annabelle 3, will be hitting theaters on July 3, 2019, with The Conjuring 3 yet to have a confirmed release date. Details about that project have yet to be revealed, though Bloody Disgusting previously claimed, "The Conjuring 3 will be about a man on trial for murder who claims he was possessed by a demon."

While some fans might be apprehensive about the upcoming film, comments from Wan and Chaves should remind you that the sequel is in good hands.

"While working closely with Chaves on The Curse of La Llorona, I got to know him as a filmmaker," Wan said in an announcement. "Chaves’ ability to bring emotion to a story, and his understanding of mood and scares make him a perfect fit to direct the next Conjuring film."

Wan added, "I'm excited to be back as producer and continue with Vera and Patrick on the next supernatural adventure of the Warrens."

Chaves himself also offered a statement, professing his love for the series and his excitement to tackle such a beloved franchise.

"I am a huge fan of the Conjuring films," Chaves said. "The movies are the rare combination that deliver both tremendous heart and awesome scares. It is both a total thrill and absolute honor to be working with James and the gang at New Line again."


Stay tuned for details on The Conjuring 3.

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