Stephen King's The Dead Zone Getting Collector's Edition Blu-ray

Throughout the '70s and '80s, two of the most promising and ambitious minds in the world of horror [...]

Throughout the '70s and '80s, two of the most promising and ambitious minds in the world of horror were author Stephen King and director David Cronenberg, with the pair going on to collaborate to deliver audiences an adaptation of King's The Dead Zone in 1983. Starring Christopher Walken, the film's themes of whether knowing the future would influence how someone could act in the present if it could potentially save lives has been explored in countless narratives in the decades since, with that 1983 film getting an all-new Collector's Edition Blu-ray from Scream Factory, which is slated to hit shelves on July 27th.

Scream Factory describes the film, "Schoolteacher Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) had a beautiful fiancée, a rewarding career and a fortunate life ... until one tragic accident changed everything. After slamming into an 18-wheeler, Johnny is plunged into a five-year coma. When he awakens, he finds his true collision was with destiny – he now has the remarkable gift (or curse) of seeing into the future. From horror master Stephen King and Director David Cronenberg (Scanners, Dead Ringers), this supernatural thriller turns an everyday guy into a reluctant hero ... saving children in danger, helping the police, and finding a serial killer. But Johnny's next vision may be his most terrifying yet ..."

As is typically the case with most Scream Factory releases, fans can expect a number of different special features to be included, some of which having been seen on previous releases while also witnessing all-new updates, though the company won't be revealing the full list of features until closer to the Blu-ray release date.

the dead zone blu ray cover scream factory
(Photo: Scream Factory)

Scream Factory did, however, confirm the following details:

  • This will be presented as a Collector's Edition and will come guaranteed with a slipcover in its first three months of release.
  • The newly commissioned artwork pictured comes to us from artist Hugh Fleming. This art will be front-facing, and the reverse side of the wrap will feature the original theatrical artwork.
  • Extras will be announced on a later date but we can confirm today that there will be a new HD transfer of the film!

Stay tuned for details on this new Collector's Edition of The Dead Zone before it hits shelves on July 27th. You can head to Scream Factory's official website to pre-order your copy today.

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