The Munsters: Rob Zombie Offers First Look at Family's Iconic Mockingbird Lane Home

Rob Zombie's reboot of The Munsters is currently in pre-production, but while fans may have a bit [...]

Rob Zombie's reboot of The Munsters is currently in pre-production, but while fans may have a bit of a wait before they get to see anything from the project in terms of a trailer, that doesn't mean they aren't getting a little look behind the scenes at the detail and work going into the project. On Monday, Zombie took to Instagram to share a first look at an important part of the project, the iconic Munster family home on Mockingbird Lane.

"The blueprints are done!" the director wrote in a caption. Time to start the construction. Get ready for the most perfect Munsters house since 1964. I want this thing exact."

And when Zombie says exact, he's not kidding. The blueprints that he shared are incredibly detailed, which shouldn't be a surprise for those familiar with the filmmaker. Zombie has been a long-time fan of The Munsters and has spoken about his love of the classic series for years. He even recorded a commentary for the feature film Munster, Go Home! for a recent Blu-ray release from Scream Factory. Radio host Howard Stern even said back in 2010 that Rob Zombie "has seen every Munsters episode at least 17 times." Given that that was over a decade ago, it's probably a fair guess that the number has increased since then.

News that Zombie is finally getting to work on The Munsters was reported last month with Zombie himself sharing the news on social media.

"Attention Boils and Ghouls! The rumors are true!" Zombie wrote on Instagram last month. "My next film project will be the one I've been chasing for 20 years! THE MUNSTERS! Stay tuned for exciting details as things progress."

Earlier this month, Zombie's wife Sheri Moon Zombie updated that the crew was still in pre-production and actively scouting locations for filming on the project.

"Seeing folks ask when a trailer is coming out," Moon Zombie shared on her Facebook page. "The film is in pre-production, currently being location scouted so nothing to show for a while yet."

The Munsters debuted on September 24, 1964, and ran for just two seasons for a total of 70 episodes. The series combined classic monster movie motifs with sitcoms and went on to spawn several movies even after its conclusion, with TV movies following decades later. A previous attempt to revive the series was undertaking by Bryan Fuller in 2012 but that series, titled Mockingbird Lane, was ultimately not picked up by NBC.

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