Tommy Wiseau's 'Big Shark' Trailer Officially Released Online

The official trailer for Tommy Wiseau’s Big Shark dropped and it’s even better than we [...]

The official trailer for Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark dropped and it's even better than we imagined! Earlier this week, a bootleg version of the trailer was leaked online, but a huge chunk of footage was missing. Now that we've seen the full thing in all its glory, we're even more excited for a killer shark movie from the makers of The Room.

Starring Wiseau, Greg Sestero (AKA Mark from The Room), and Isaiah LaBorde (Cold Moon, Bomb City), the trailer shows the men having a rough night after they meet some women which leads Sestero getting slapped... twice. We do not know why and we do not care, because it's hilarious. All of a sudden, the guys are walking down the street, which instantly becomes flooded and the amazing/ridiculous shark appears. Then, you just hear Wiseau screaming before the trailer ends.

Wiseau's YouTube page teases, "CAN NEW ORLEANS SURVIVE?" If you follow the link in the video description, it takes you to Wiseau's website, which sells tons of merch, including underwear with the director's name on it. There isn't actually any information about Big Shark on the site, so there's no word on a release date.

Shoutout to YouTube user, Haunt Former, for their amazing comment on the trailer: "oh hi shark."

Earlier this week, a recorded version of the trailer was leaked after a screening of The Room, and released on the German website, Film Futter. Thanks to a translation from Bloody Disgusting reader, Mathias Bohner, we got more insight into the next Wiseau movie.

"According to the article, it was the first time the teaser has been publicly shown. Wiseau explained during the Q&A that the film is set in New Orleans and he was inspired by his time there to give something back to the city. So he decided to make Big Shark and set it there. Sestero added that the film is about three firefighters trying to save the world (presumably from a big shark). It also sounds like the film hasn't been shot yet and that was a promotional teaser, possibly to find financing and drum up early hype. It seems like everything is in place, though. The plan is to shoot the film this year and premiere it at the Prince Charles Cinema this September already."

Are you excited for Big Shark? Do you think it has the potential to be as "good" as The Room? Tell us in the comments!