Kevin Bacon Reunites With Original Tremors Co-Star for New Commercial

Fans have been hoping to see Kevin Bacon reunite with the Tremors franchise for the 30 years since [...]

Fans have been hoping to see Kevin Bacon reunite with the Tremors franchise for the 30 years since the original film landed in theaters, with a new commercial for wireless provider Visible being the closest we've come in recent years, as Bacon stars as himself in the spot alongside Michael Gross, who has played Burt Gummer in every installment. Given that Bacon has only starred in the debut installment and Gross has been the constant throughout the series, fans will surely be excited to see them sharing the screen for any reason and potentially build excitement that a more official reunion could be just over the horizon.

The reunion might have been brief, but even Gross couldn't help but joke about what this could mean for the series' future.

"Yes, Kevin Bacon and Burt Gummer reunited after 30+ years, but not for an eighth film. To be sure, the Tremors franchise — past, present, and future — was a huge topic of conversation. Our reunion was warm, light-hearted, and candid, but we met for an entirely different purpose," Gross initially shared alongside a photo of the pair on set. He followed up, "Today a commercial, tomorrow a Tremors sequel? Hey, stranger things have happened!"

When Tremors originally hit theaters, it wasn't a blockbuster, only for the project to earn a cult following over the years and has retroactively been considered one of the best monster movies of the '90s. Bacon himself even ultimately realized the potential of the project and filmed a TV pilot for a sequel series, yet it wasn't picked up to series.

Given how long fans have been waiting to see Bacon return to the series, even the actor doesn't understand why the project couldn't move forward.

"We made an excellent pilot outside of Albuquerque, recreated the town, had a really great cast, director, and writer and to this day I still don't understand why they didn't want to move forward with it," Bacon shared with Dread Central last summer. "It's a real head-scratcher for me. If I honestly thought the pilot was sh-t then I'd say we just didn't crack it but it was cool, and that's a really hard balance to get, between funny and scary, as you know, that's the sweet spot. Tremors was good at that, as were Shaun of the Dead and Get Out. But yeah, it was for a series, not a TV movie."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Tremors franchise.

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