Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Teases More Horror in Season 2

The entire premise of Wednesday and its connection to the long-running The Addams Family franchise bring with it some inherently creepy elements, though star Jenna Ortega recently recalled that plans for Season 2 of the series will see the narrative amplifying the horror elements even further. While Season 1 had murders and monsters, it's hard to say that the series was necessarily scary outside of its overall tone, with it being possible that Season 2 will fall more in line with more conventional horror elements. The star also confirmed that a writers' room was being assembled, which could result in production starting later this year for a potential 2024 premiere.

"We just started getting a writers' room together, and kind of talking about it," Ortega shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "And everyone's [saying], we really want to up kind of the horror aspect a little bit, and then get Wednesday out of the romantic situation, and just let her be her own individual and fight her own crime."

Having previously starred in You and now two installments in the Scream franchise, Ortega clearly has a love of horror so it doesn't come as much of a surprise that she's excited to dive into more frightening territory for the new season. Additionally, while she had big shoes to fill taking on the iconic character in Season 1, the overall success of the series has seemingly empowered her to take more control over the character and her future adventures.

These remarks about abandoning a love story falls in line with comments Ortega made last fall before a Season 2 was officially announced.

"I've always been against the love triangle idea. Now that Tyler's off the table, I feel like she's off boys for a while. I feel like her and Xavier are just getting to a safe place. I think there's an opportunity there for a really sweet platonic relationship," the actor detailed to MTV News in December. "Because I don't think it's shown often enough, men and women having safe platonic relationships that don't become romantic and are just genuine, almost sibling-like relationships. I think that'd be wonderful to see."  

Stay tuned for details on Season 2 of Wednesday.

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