New Zombieland: Double Tap Vignette Released

Sony Pictures has published a new vignette ahead of Zombieland: Double Tap featuring stars Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin and Woody Harrelson.

“I loved being back with everyone,” Wichita star Stone says in the behind-the-scenes look. “It just kind of feels like getting to hang out with my buddies again.” Adds Columbus star Eisenberg, “I think we figured out what was working well in the first one, and capitalized on it for this one.”

A decade after coming together for the first zombie-comedy from director Ruben Fleischer (Venom), the stars reunite with a script again penned by returning screenwriters Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick (Deadpool) and Dave Callaham (Godzilla).

“You’re coming into a family experience, and so, I feel really lucky that I was able to tap into that,” says franchise newcomer Rosario Dawson, who plays Nevada. Dawson is added alongside fellow newcomers Thomas Middleditch and Luke Wilson, who play ‘Bizarro’ versions of Columbus and Harrelson’s Tallahassee.

Also along for the ride is Zoey Deutch, playing Madison, a bumbling, braindead survivor described by Deutch as a “beam of light in a world of darkness.”

“It felt like it would be a fantastic standalone movie, even if it wasn’t associated with the first one,” adds Eisenberg.

Double Tap catches up with veteran zombie fighters Columbus, Wichita and younger sister Little Rock, and the Twinkie-loving Tallahassee based out of the White House and long settled into post-apocalypse life.

When the group splits after a strife between Columbus and Wichita, Little Rock takes off with newcomer Berkeley (Avan Jogia), prompting the trio to venture back out into the zombie-ridden world to reclaim their runaway friend. Along the way, Tallahassee encounters Nevada, a “female zombie-hunting badass” who acts as Tallahassee’s match.

“Well the reason we’re all doing it again is ‘cause we all love the world of the movie so much,” Fleischer previously told “I think it was a real touchstone for all, for me certainly ‘cause it was my first movie, but I think for Emma and Jesse it was a really just significant movie in their evolution. And Woody paid me a huge compliment. I was on the phone with him the other day and he said he’s probably made over a hundred movies but the most fond memory he has is making Zombieland.”


After a ten-year separation between movies and four years of development, Fleischer and the creative team wanted to make sure “that if we’re gonna do it again it’s at least as good if not better than the original,” Fleischer said. “And finally I think we have a script that we all feel really confident in go making and yeah, ‘cause it’s such a precious thing none of us want to tarnish its place, we only wanna build upon it.”

Sony Pictures opens Zombieland: Double Tap October 18.