HBO Max Solves Integration Test Email Mystery, WarnerMedia Boss Jason Kilar Joins the Fun

While HBO Max's programming has broken the Internet (sometimes, almost literally), the newfound [...]

While HBO Max's programming has broken the Internet (sometimes, almost literally), the newfound streaming service caught some unexpected attention on Thursday — and not for a usual reason. Around 9/8c Thursday night, a mysterious email from HBO Max began to go out to (seemingly) all email addresses tied to active accounts on the streamer. The email was labeled "Integration Test Email #1" and included the following phrase: "This template is used by integration tests only." The random and vague nature of the email quickly took the Internet by storm, with the phrase "Integration Test Email" trending on Twitter soon after the snafu occurred.

So, what exactly happened with the email? Late Thursday night, the official HBOMaxHelp account broke their silence, revealing in a tweet that they "mistakenly sent out an empty test email to a portion of our HBO Max mailing list." The tweet went on to claim that "Yes, it was the intern. No, really. And we're helping them through it," complete with a heart emoji.

Outgoing WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar also weighed in on the ordeal, tweeting a checklist of recent Internet-breaking events for the streamer, which included Mare of Easttown, the Friends reunion, and now the Integration Test Email.

The ordeal quickly became the topic of many theories online, ranging from the email being an announcement for a very specifically named new show, to stealth marketing for something like Westworld or The Matrix 4. For now, it seems like the email was just an honest mistake — albeit, an intriguing one.

HBO Max has already been a topic of conversation in recent weeks, especially amid the recent news of WarnerMedia's upcoming merger with Discovery.

"This agreement unites two entertainment leaders with complementary content strengths and positions the new company to be one of the leading global direct-to-consumer streaming platforms," John Stankey said in a statement. "It will support the fantastic growth and international launch of HBO Max with Discovery's global footprint and create efficiencies which can be re-invested in producing more great content to give consumers what they want. For AT&T shareholders, this is an opportunity to unlock value and be one of the best capitalized broadband companies, focused on investing in 5G and fiber to meet substantial, long-term demand for connectivity. AT&T shareholders will retain their stake in our leading communications company that comes with an attractive dividend. Plus, they will get a stake in the new company, a global media leader that can build one of the top streaming platforms in the world."

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