Oreo Cookie Candles Exist and Smell Just Like the Cookie

Oreo may be Milk's Favorite Cookie, but now it might also be your favorite candle. Oreo now sells [...]

Oreo may be Milk's Favorite Cookie, but now it might also be your favorite candle. Oreo now sells an Oreo-scented candle on their website offering both cookie and candle fans a new way to enjoy the iconic cookie, this time without all the crumbs (or calories if you're keeping track of that sort of thing.) It's just the latest candle offering from a food company, though it may just be one of the most delicious.

On Oreo.com, the candle is described as follows: "Get a whiff of Milk's Favorite Cookie! If you've ever wanted to trick your guests into thinking they just stumbled onto a tour of the Oreo factory, our deliciously-scented Oreo candle is exactly what you need! We suggest accompanying the scent with a few sleeves of Oreos for that full 360 experience." The candle comes in a black jar with an Oreo cookie design printed in silver as well as comes with a silver lid. It retails for $12.99. It isn't clear if this is a limited edition product or not, though it is one of several Oreo-themed items available to purchase.

Of course, while the Oreo candle is a pretty sweet treat, nothing beats the real thing and for those looking to gift Oreo this holiday season, you can now order customized Oreo cookies as well. The new OREOiD isoffering fans a way to make custom cookies with different creme colors and even photos. There are even custom packaging options available suitable for gifting. Custom packaging options include single count "favor" packages -- including both black and white boxes as well as little pouches -- as well as boxed cookies in various counts for the completely customized cookies. There are also favor pouches for 2 count of the colorful creme cookies as well as white and black boxed varieties all the way up to 24 count cookies. Minimum numbers do apply to some of the options, though a 24-count boxed option of the just-creme cookies costs right around $20.

"The OREOiD platform provides the opportunity to combine the playfulness of our cookie and the imagination of our fans," says Olympia Portale, OREO Brand Manager. "We're so excited to unveil this new customized experience for our fans to engage with OREO on a whole new level, just in time for the gift-giving season!"

What do you think? Will you be checking out the Oreo candle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.