You Can Now Order Customized OREO Cookies

They're milk's favorite cookie and come in nearly every possible variety you can imagine. There are Red Creme Oreos for a bit of holiday cheer, Chocolate Oreos, Golden Oreos, Fudge Covered, and many more, but now Oreos are mixing it up a bit by allowing fans to create their own, custom Oreo cookies using their new OREOiD system to make cookies that are unique in their color and design to make them a truly individual experience.

"Introducing OREOiD, the first-ever custom OREO cookie experience," the official Oreo cookie Twitter shared. "Visit to choose your creme colors, dips, sprinkles, prints and packs."

The OREOiD process is simple, according to the cookie maker. You just "stuf it, dip it, design it, and pack it." This is how it works. On, Oreo fans can choose a number of design elements to create a completely unique cookie. There are eight different available creme colors. Users can dip their cookies in either milk or white fudge, dip them in up to eight different colors of sprinkles, and even add a photo or text to their cookie.

If fans don't want to dip and sprinkle their cookies, they also have the option to simply stuff their special Oreos with one of the available creme colors for a simple, but sleek, custom cookie experience with endless possibility -- making them intriguing and fun options for gifts, celebrations, holidays, or just because.

"The OREOiD platform provides the opportunity to combine the playfulness of our cookie and the imagination of our fans,” says Olympia Portale, OREO Brand Manager. "We're so excited to unveil this new customized experience for our fans to engage with OREO on a whole new level, just in time for the gift-giving season!"


The customization doesn't stop with the cookies, though. You can even choose custom packaging options including single count "favor" packages -- including both black and white boxes as well as little pouches -- as well as boxed cookies in various counts for the completely customized cookies. There are also favor pouches for 2 count of the colorful creme cookies as well as white and black boxed varieties all the way up to 24 count cookies. Minimum numbers do apply to some of the options, though a 24-count boxed option of the just-creme cookies costs right around $20.

What do you think? Will you be making custom Oreo cookies? Let us know in the comments!