OREO Introduces New Mint Frozen Dessert

National Chocolate Mint Day — yes, that's a thing — is coming up on Sunday, February 19th and in time for the tasty holiday, OREO is expanding their Frozen Treat offerings. On Wednesday, OREO announced the launch of OREO Mint frozen dessert. The new flavor comes after the successful launch of the OREO Frozen Treats line in 2022 and will be a permanent addition.

According to the brand, OREO Mint features a mint-flavored base that is inspired by Mint OREO Cookies with real pieces of OREO cookies mixed in. The frozen treat is set to roll out to stores nationwide this month and will be available in a 48 oz container with a suggested retail price of $6.99.

"Last year, with the launch of OREO Frozen Treats, we were delighted to offer a new way to enjoy the iconic taste of OREO cookies," Sydney Kranzmann, Senior Brand Manager, OREO US said in a statement. "Fans loved the frozen take on the cookie they know and love and now, with the launch of OREO Mint Frozen Treats, we have an opportunity to playfully reinvent ways for our loyal fans to enjoy one of their favorite OREO cookie flavors."

Will you be checking out the new OREO Mint Frozen Treat? Have you tried any of the other OREO Frozen Treats? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.