Sarah Paulson Reveals Carrie Fisher Invited Her To A Make-Out Party Where She Had Awkward Interaction With Friends Star

If you ever wondered just how weird Hollywood parties can get, American Horror Story star Sarah [...]

If you ever wondered just how weird Hollywood parties can get, American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson can give you a pretty good example. Paulson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her Netflix series Ratched when she shared a particularly weird anecdote. It's a story that involves the late, great, Carrie Fisher meeting Paulson and soon luring her to a "make-out party" where some very Eyes Wide Shut-style stuff started going down - leading to an awkward encounter with Friends star Matthew Perry. As stated, it's one of those magically twisted stories that could only come out of Hollywood:

Here's what Sarah Paulson had to say about her glitter-filled first meeting with Star Wars icon, Carrie Fisher:

"It was this huge executive's house, and I had to walk in this cavernous hallway by myself, it was awful. But then Carrie Fisher arrived. I never met this woman, but she also came alone. She had glitter in her hair, and like a pack of spray glitter in her purse, she sprayed everybody it was great. And we really hit it off and I tried not to let on that I was a super-fan - don't think that went well. But at the end of the night, we were both driving home - she was in front of me in her car and I was in my car - and... she rolled down her window and shouted out, 'Hey! Do you want to come to a party?' and I was like 'Yes I do!'"

Sarah Paulson Carrie Fisher Make Out Party Matthew Perry Story

If you know anything about Carrie Fisher, you know just what kind of invitation Sarah Paulson accepted that night. Well, Paulson herself had to learn firsthand what the strange and wonderful world of Carrie Fisher was all about:

"She asked me if I wanted to come to Gore Vidal's Make-Out Party... Carrie had this and it was her idea to call it the Make-Out Party, where Shirley McClain was, I think Queen Latifah was there, all these people were there, and I was obviously panicked because [gestures to self] neurotic... I didn't see anyone make-out but there was a hat with names in it and you were supposed to make-out with whomever you pulled out of the hat. And Matthew Perry pulled my name out of the hat and promptly left the room. And I was like [shocked face]... he was like 'I got you...' and I was like 'Well let's kiss!' and he was like 'N-no...".

Paulson ended the story by explaining that it wasn't a personal slight - she and Perry actually knew each other through a mutual friend, and locking lips was too much of a 'worlds colliding' moment for the Friends star. However, Paulson had the last laugh: Perry eventually had to kiss her repeatedly, as the two actors played love interests in the 2000s series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.