Alcohol Brand Will Pay $10,000 If You Can Guess Its New Mystery Flavor

If you like mysteries, are of legal drinking age, and are feeling lucky, then one alcohol company [...]

If you like mysteries, are of legal drinking age, and are feeling lucky, then one alcohol company has a fun challenge that comes with a $10,000 prize. Steel Reserve Alloy Series is adding an eighth flavor to their drink lineup this year with a catch: the new flavor is a mystery and customers who guess the mystery flavor correctly have the chance to win $10,000.

According to a press release, trying to guess the mystery flavor is pretty simple. All customers have to do is find a Mystery Flavor can, scan the QR code which will then take you to, and submit your guess. Customers can also simply visit to enter their guess as well. Participants will also have the opportunity to opt-in and receive anywhere between 3 and 5 clues via the email they provided.

Correct guesses will be entered into the poll of correct answers from which a random $10,000 grand prize winner will be drawn. But if you don't correctly guess the flavor, you're not out of luck. Anyone who participates is also entered to win $500. Entries in the contest close just in time for Halloween on Saturday, October 31st and winners will be selected and notified between October 31st and November 13th. The mystery flavor's identity will be revealed to the public on November 13.

To help sleuths out, here's a list of current flavors in the Steel Reserve Alloy Series: Spiked Punch, Spiked Tropic Storm, Spiked Blue Razz, Spiked Strawberry Burst, Hard Pineapple, Spiked Watermelon, and BLK BERRY.

Steel Reserve Alloy Series is just the latest to get in on the mystery flavor game. Mountain Dew is releasing MTN Dew VooDew 2 this year as well, a white beverage with a mystery flavor -- no prize involved in solving that mystery, unfortunately. And last year, Oreo held a contest encouraging fans to guess their mystery flavor for a chance to win $50,000. That flavor ended up being Churro.

So, what do you think? Will you try to solve the mystery and figure out what Steel Reserve Alloy Series' new flavor is? Let us know in the comments!