Mystery Oreo Flavor Has Been Revealed

mystery oreo
(Photo: OREO)

This fall, Oreo cookie fans found themselves with a real mystery on their hands. The iconic cookie, which famously comes in a lot of interesting flavors beyond the classic chocolate and creme -- they even have Tang-flavored ones in Dubai -- hit shelves with a "mystery" flavor. But the mystery flavor of this Oreo wasn't just a conversation-starter. It also came with a hefty cash prize for one lucky winner who correctly guessed the creme flavor and now, the mystery has been solved. We now know the flavor of the Mystery Oreo and it's a flavor that sounds pretty delicious.

On Monday, Oreo announced that the case of the Mystery Oreo flavor has been solved. The flavor, it turns out was Churro. You can check out the official reveal announcement below.

According to Oreo, the "hints of cinnamon flavor" were picked up by many who tried it, leading to guesses that included funnel cake, gingerbread, and even French toast which is what Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo guessed when he shared about the mystery flavor in September.

As for the prize, while many fans came close -- and likely more than one guessed Churro -- there can be only one winner of that $50,000 prize. The winner of the sweepstakes, selected from each correct guess entered during the contest time frame, has been notified directly. Not only did they get to enjoy a sweet treat, but now they'll get some sweet cash as well.

Of course, even if you missed out on the fun of the Mystery Oreo, you can still have a flavor adventure with America's Favorite Cookie. The limited-edition Peppermint Bark Oreos are returning for the holidays and, in January, two new flavors will be released. Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut Oreos will both be hitting store shelves in the new year offering fans even more fun flavors of Oreos to enjoy.


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