What Would Really Happen If Ant-Man Tried To Ride An Arrow According To Science

Hawkeye AntMan
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

One of the highlight reel moments of Captain America: Civil War is seen in the trailer when Ant-Man boards one of Hawkeye's arrows for a one-way flight to Iron Man's armor.

The scene is fantastic, but if we apply some real science to it, things might've gotten a bit messy. We have an idea of what that would actually look like thanks to Matt Brady of TheScienceOf.org. After some scientific converting that I can't quite wrap my head around, Brady arrives at a number I recognize, nailing down the potential miles per hour of the arrow traveling from Hawkeye's bow at 278.7 mph.

Using that as a base, Brady figures out the G-Force that is weighing down on Ant-Man during flight, and it is an insane 1,299.7 gs. For perspective, humans live at 1 g, and the space shuttle launch and reentry hit a whopping 3 g. Ant-Man while riding the arrow is at 1,299.7 g.

It stands to reason that Ant-Man's suit would have to be built to withstand a ridiculous amount of punishment and pressure. Science also estimates that even if he survived the trip, he would probably miss his end goal completely, sailing past Iron Man altogether.

It doesn't take anything away from the scene, but just know that it won't be happening in real life anytime soon.