'Thor: Ragnarok': Chris Hemsworth Teases Exciting New Weapon for Thor

Thor will be returning for Avengers: Infinity War, but he will be much different than when the Avengers saw him last, including his weapon of choice.

As fans have seen in the first trailers for Thor: Ragnarok, Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir is crushed and destroyed by the goddess of death Hela. He then has to use a variety of weapons as a result, including twin swords. When asked what he will wield in Avengers: Infinity War, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth teased that there is something even better coming down the line.

"You'll have to see, I can't give that away," Hemsworth teased. "But there is something pretty exciting coming. I think the fans will know and love and be excited for it."

Thor: Ragnarok takes inspiration from a few Marvel storylines, including "Planet Hulk" and "Ragnarok". It also takes a few notes from the current "Unworthy" storyline, where Thor finds out he is unworthy and loses the ability to lift Mjolnir. He is still a god of course, but no longer the God of Thunder, so he takes up a new weapon named Jarnbjorn.

An earlier piece of concept art hinted at a new weapon as well, and the long hilt could very well be his trusty magical battle axe Jarnbjorn. This was the weapon Thor used before he ever lifted Mjolnir to slay dragons, frost giants, and trolls. It would make sense for him to go back to it in the movies as well, but he could also opt for something else.

There's also another theory, one in which he gains access to another mystical hammer. That said, the cinematic universe hasn't really delved into other hammers or multiverses, so the theory of him getting a hammer from another version of Thor is probably not a realistic option.

Either way, Thor will be wielding something new in Infinity War, but the good news is he won't be any less deadly.

First up though is Thor: Ragnarok, which will hit theaters on November 2, 2017. Avengers: Infinity War hits the following year, landing in theaters on April 25, 2018.