'Avengers: Infinity War': Why Is Gamora? Scene Released Online

It's been well established by now that Avengers: Infinity War is not a lighthearted movie. From the moment it was released one of the biggest overall topics of conversation about the Marvel Cinematic Universe film is how devastating some of its scenes are. But it's not all heart wrenching dramatic moments. One of the best moments in the movie was a hilarious one and now that scene has been released online.

If you've seen Avengers: Infinity War, you know Drax had a couple of great moments in the film, but the best moment came on the planet Titan where, when Peter Quill/Star-Lord asks where Gamora is and Tony Stark/Iron Man asks, "who is Gamora," Drax chimes in with "I'll do you one better. Why is Gamora?" You can check it out below.

Pretty great, right? That little injection of humor in what is otherwise clearly a tense situation made the line stand out to fans, but, as is the case with another of Infinity War's memorable scenes. it was improvised. Dave Bautista, who plays Drax, made the line up on the fly.

"The script only said, 'Where is Gamora?' 'I'll do you even better: Who is Gamora?' And then one day Bautista just goes, 'I'll do you one better: Why is Gamora?'" screenwriter Christopher Markus told Yahoo. "It's like, 'OK, you're very good at your job.'"

Bautista's insertion of that improvised line wasn't just perfectly timed and hilarious, though. It's also proof that the actor has a deep understanding of Drax. The actor has given a lot of thought to the character since his introduction in Guardians of the Galaxy, something that extends to Drax's interaction and relationship with Pom Klementieff's Mantis. Bautista told CinemaBlend that he sees Drax and Mantis as being more childlike than the other Guardians.


"We have decided that Drax and Mantis share a very childlike innocence, and I think that links them together," Bautista said. "More than anything he's taken on a big brother type role. That's the way I look at it -- not so much Mantis being a surrogate daughter, but almost like a little sister. That's what the relationship, to me, feels more like. And that's kind of the way we play it."

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now. Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films include Ant-Man and The Wasp on July 6th, Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, and the fourth Avengers on May 3, 2019. The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming hits on July 5, 2019, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 lands in 2020.