‘Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Wants Domino Team-Up With Harley Quinn

Zazie Beetz, who played fortuitous mutant Domino in Deadpool 2, says it would be “fun” to crossover with DC’s bat-swinging psychopath Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).

“I just thought Harley Quinn, but she’s not Marvel,” Beetz said with a laugh at ACE Comic Con when asked which Marvel Cinematic Universe character she’d like to see Domino paired with should she board that franchise. “But I feel like that could be such a fun combination.”

Should the Disney-Fox merger import Beetz’s Domino and co-star Ryan Reynolds’ mouthy Wade Wilson into the Marvel Studios continuity, Beetz would want to see a mixup with the Iron Man franchise.

“I guess in terms of Marvel specifically... I think Iron Man could be kinda fun. I don’t know why I don’t have a specific reason why,” she said. “I just think it’d be fun to do a movie with [Robert Downey Jr]. I feel like a Deadpool-Iron Man thing could be fun.”

The actress is signed to a three-movie deal and is expected to reprise her role as fan-favorite Domino in spinoff X-Force, which will reteam Beetz and Reynolds with Cable star Josh Brolin.

It’s not yet known how the Disney-Fox deal and Marvel Studios integrating formerly Fox-controlled properties like X-Men and Deadpool into its Marvel Cinematic Universe will affect plans for the spinoff, now being developed by Bad Times at the El Royale writer-director Drew Goddard.


In the comics, the lucky mutant founded mercenary band the Wild Pack before joining black-ops mutant crew X-Force, sometimes even assuming the role of leader in Cable’s absence. In the more recent Cable and X-Force series, Domino joined Cable’s newly-established iteration of the team, a line-up that included armor-skinned X-Man Colossus (played in Deadpool 2 by Stefan Kapicic).

Speaking to Variety at the Deadpool 2 premiere, director David Leitch said of Goddard’s X-Force, “I think they’re really trying to take these characters and expand this universe.”

“With those people all creatively involved, and Josh and Zazi’s characters all coming back, I think it would be fun for everybody,” Leitch said.

Deadpool, Cable, Domino and X-Force creator Rob Liefeld dubbed the team “an R-rated Avengers in the making.”

“I see how well it clicks, and I think that when you throw the R-rating in there, the X-Force can absolutely rival the Avengers,” Liefeld told Fandango. “X-Force is not family friendly, and that matters, too. I definitely do see them building their version of the Avengers with this.”

Beetz next stars as down-on-her-luck single mother Sophie Dumond in the Todd Phillips-directed Joker, an offshoot of the mainstream DC Films universe, where she stars alongside Joaquin Phoenix as clown-turned-criminal Arthur Fleck. Robbie, meanwhile, returns as Quinn in Suicide Squad spinoff Birds of Prey and is expected to continue to play a central role in Warner Bros.’ shared DC Comics-inspired franchise.