Lin-Manuel Miranda Shares 'Hamilton' and 'Spider-Verse' Mashup

To say that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has been received well would be to put things lightly. The film has become the most highly rated Spider-Man film to date with scores of critics praising the movie as one of the best comic book takes yet. So, you can imagine how many fans Miles Morales has made in the last month, but some are more visible than others.

For instance, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a hard fanboy to overlook, and the actor made it all the harder when he mashed up Into the Spider-Verse with Hamilton.

Taking to Twitter, Miranda caught the attention of fans when he posted a video of him combining Hamilton with the Marvel film. As you can see below, the reel shows Miranda putting on his costume to perform Hamilton in Puerto Rico, but he got ready to the tune of one familiar Into the Spider-Verse track.

“SpiderVerse rehearsal,” Miranda captioned the video, and he isn’t wrong with the descriptor. The clip sees Miranda putting on his undershirt as “What’s Up Danger?” plays in the background. The track, which Blackway and Black Caviar recorded, is then treated to a lyrical remix when Miranda begins rapping part of is lines from “My Shot”.

You might not think the warring rhythms would work together, but Miranda melds the tracks in a way that feels seamless. Fans are already asking for a full performance of the mash-up, and Miranda really sells his interest in the gig when he tries to dance out of frame in the end. Clearly, the musical star is fan of what Into the Spider-Verse did, and the crew on the film admit they are a bit star struck by Miranda’s homage.

“This is unreal,” executive producer Phil Lord tweeted just before co-writer and co-director Rodney Rothman shared his touching reaction.

This makes us so happy. Makes it worth it. 100s of people stayed late for years. Got mad at each other trying to make it feel right. Often didn't see loved ones all because of a..."silly cartoon?" I held that [Golden Globe] with my 4-year-old last night and we agreed it was ours.”


With a Golden Globe win under its belt, Into the Spider-Verse stands to become one of Hollywood's critical darlings. The powerful feature has forced fans like Miranda to reconsider what animation can do in the right hands, and if all goes well, maybe the sequels to Into the Spider-Verse will sneak Miranda into a role if he's free.

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