‘Avengers’ Star Don Cheadle Strongly Denies Rumors Brie Larson Doesn’t Get Along with Rest of the Cast

Don Cheadle is shutting down talk Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is a misfit among their Avengers: Endgame co-stars.

“You kids are hilarious,” Cheadle tweeted Sunday in response to a tweet accusing the star of getting “pissed” when Larson nudged Cheadle and Thor star Chris Hemsworth during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

In subsequent tweets, when replying to the same user, Cheadle wrote, “Whoever you are, you’re reading in. Take a break from your detective work. We’re all good. Hope you enjoy the movie.”

In a third tweet — this one directed at Larson, whose account was tagged — Cheadle wrote, “So many speculators tonight, man. See you tomorrow,” ahead of Endgame’s world premiere in Los Angeles Monday night.

The ET interview sees Larson, who first entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the high-flying Carol Danvers in Endgame ahead of solo lead-in movie Captain Marvel, positioned between Hemsworth and Cheadle, admitting it was “intimidating at first” boarding the Avengers: Infinity War sequel as a then-unseen character.

“Because this is where it all began for me, it was on this film, we filmed this before Captain Marvel. So I was figuring out this character very much in the dark. There was no script to read, it wasn’t all flushed out yet with the Captain Marvel solo film either, so it was just kind of finding our way. But it was a good group of people to figure it out with, right guys?” Larson said, nudging the Thor and War Machine stars as Cheadle feigned annoyance over being touched. “Wasn’t it fun being there for all my extra takes?”

“What did I tell you about the touching?” Cheadle joked.

Asked about welcoming a newcomer to Earth’s mightiest heroes, Cheadle said there was “definitely a hazing period.”

“I think I’m still in it,” Larson said.

“She’s still in it. And it’s good, because we actually get to kind of play with that — we do for anyway, for sure — in the scene itself when she kind of shows up,” Cheadle added, pointing to a brief clash between Rhodes and Danvers when the cosmic superhero first reaches Avengers headquarters.

“So it was nice. But she kind of fit right in, she paid her dues on time, the initiation dues were paid properly, and that’s the biggest thing.”

“I’m still waiting for my membership card that hasn’t been received,” Larson quipped.

Online detractors also point to a playful interaction between Larson and Hemsworth, who butt heads over stunt doubles.

“I did my stunts because I thought that’s what everyone did,” Larson said.

“Tom Cruise over here,” Hemsworth quipped, prompting Larson to reply, “No, I’m gonna be the first me, not the next Tom Cruise, thank you very much.”

“I mean, he does his own stunts. We all do stunts, but there’s certain things that I like. ‘You might die,’ so I’m like, ‘you can do that one,’” Hemsworth joked.

Cheadle then pointed to the camaraderie expressed when Marvel Studios stars and talent gathered for a 10th anniversary class photo, which Cheadle says was “like the last day of high school.”

“‘Could you sign my book? Could you sign my book?’ And new people were meeting each other, and that’s the other thing about this,” Cheadle said. “There’s so many characters and we’re all coming in for this last sort of moment, there’s all these new relationships being built, and get to kind of come back and meet each other again, see each other again. There’s a real, I think, affection among the cast members.”

“Except for [this one],” Cheadle said, pointing to Larson. In reply, Larson joked, “No, this one’s terrible.”

Avengers: Endgame opens Thursday.



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