Chris Hemsworth Is Ready for a Thor Vs. Superman Fight

It seems unlikely that we will ever get a crossover TV show or movie between the Marvel and DC Comics superheroes, especially as Warner Bros. and Disney continue to carve their own spaces out for their franchises. But if we do get an epic collision between the two, fans should know that Chris Hemsworth is eager to see his version of Thor go head to head against Clark Kent / Superman.

Hemsworth took to his Instagram stories and posted a piece of fan art showing the God of Thunder preparing to battle the Man of Steel, and offered a simple caption to let his intentions be known: #sendmelocation.

In today's day and age, them's fighting words.

HUMOR: God of Thunder is looking for a match-up :P from r/DC_Cinematic

Thor and Superman had one of their most epic clashes in the pages of the JLA Avengers crossover comic from the mid-2000s, but the two have not had many scenes interacting with each other than that memorable battle and subsequent teamup. And given the volatile nature of fandom, people will have their own opinions about who should reign supreme when these two titans finally face off.

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, movie fans are more than excited to see Hemsworth return to the screen as the God of Thunder. But there are a lot questions surrounding how that would take place; will we see another Thor solo film, will he be a part of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, or something else entirely?

Those questions received a new wrinkle this week when reports surfaced that Hemsworth has decided to take the year off from acting after a busy year filming Avengers: Endgame and Men in Black: International.

"This year I probably won't shoot anything. I just want to be at home now with my kids,” Hemsworth told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper, according to ABC Montana. "They are at a very important age. They are still young and they are aware when I leave more than before. I have this year where I'm probably not going to shoot anything. I have a press tour, a few endorsements and bits and pieces, but mostly just be home. If you went back 10 years and asked me what would be my dream scenario, this is kind of it. I can now sit back, enjoy and appreciate it, and stop chasing [movies]."


This is also complicated by the fact that there's currently no standing Superman actor after Henry Cavill's apparent departure.

It seems like Hemsworth is open to returning to the role of Thor in the near future. So for now, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics have a year to get their act together and find a new Superman.