Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casts Parminder Nagra As Anti-Inhuman Politician

It looks like SHIELD is going to have yet another threat knocking at their steel-reenforced doors [...]

agents of shield nagra

It looks like SHIELD is going to have yet another threat knocking at their steel-reenforced doors next season. But, this time, it looks like trouble is coming in the form of a politician - something which Coulson's team should be used to at this point.

In an exclusive report by IGN, the site is confirming actress Parminder Nagra is coming to Agents of SHIELD to play an anti-Inhumans politician who's wary of the group's intentions. Nagra will be guest starring on the show in a multi-episode role, and she's set to debut in episode 3. The powerful politician is said to be "outspoken in her distrust of Inhumans," and she might have reason to be after Agents of SHIELD's previous season.

After all, last season saw various groups try to locate Inhumans with the goal of either curing or weaponizing the group. But, after Hive hits the scene, Coulson's team find themselves struggling to deal with the fallout Inhumans unintentionally wrought. It's no surprise, really, that Daisy Johnson decided to up and leave SHIELD at the season's end given the uncertainty she feels about her place on the team. But, with a newly demoted Coulson bent on locating his rogue apprentice, Quake's future on the show definitely seems to be up in the air.

In fact, much of the show's fourth season looks like it will upend many of Agents of SHIELD's long-held beliefs. The show has confirmed Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) will be bringing Ghost Rider to the show, ushering in a new period of supernatural power to the series. So, if Nagra's character has an issue with Inhumans, she'll surely take issue with Reye's hellish gifts.

If you're not familiar with Nagra's work, the actress is best-known for her role in NBC's ER and NBC's The Blacklist. Aside from Agents of SHIELD, the actress is set to star in the Sky Atlantic and Fortitude.