Agents of SHIELD Star Gives Good Reason For Not Wanting To Return to Marvel

It's been two years since Agents of SHIELD came to an end, and many Marvel fans are hoping to see some of the characters again in the MCU. However, there is at least one actor who isn't interested in playing his character again, but with good reason. Iain De Caestecker, who portrayed Fitz opposite Elizabeth Henstridge's Simmons, is currently promoting his new series The Control Room. During a chat with Digital Spy, the actor was asked if he'd be interested in coming back to Marvel. 

"I think I would say probably no. And not that I didn't have a fantastic time doing it," De Caestecker explained. "I think, after everything that happened to those two characters [Fitz and Jemma Simmons], they really gave them a happy ending. And I think it would be so sad to mess with that again. It's not fair ... I'm not sure they would survive it this time. So I like the idea that they're living a life of normality outside of the SHIELD."

De Caestecker was also asked if he thinks Agents of SHIELD is MCU canon, and he revealed he wasn't sure what "canon" meant. After a quick lesson, he told the outlet he believes the show is a part of the MCU. "I would say you might have to, because I think the original conception of the show was the fact that Coulson had come from The Avengers, isn't it? I think you would kind of have to say it is canon."

When it comes to the MCU, Phase Four has left fans with a lot of multiverse questions. Between LokiWhat If...?Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and more, it seems anything is now possible in the franchise. However, that's not stopping fans from continuing the longstanding canon debate. Warning: Ms. Marvel spoilers ahead! Now that the finale of Ms. Marvel revealed Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) is a mutant and not an Inhuman like in the comics, people are continuing to question whether or not Agents of SHIELD is canon since it has a major focus on Inhuman characters. Vellani recently took part in a Reddit AMA and gave the perfect answer when asked if the ABC series is canon. "Isn't everything canon now?" she wrote. 

Would you like to see FitzSimmons return or do you agree that they should keep their happy ending? Tell us in the comments! 

All seven seasons of Agents of SHIELD are now streaming on Disney+.