Agents of SHIELD To Include Classic Inhumans In Season Four

(Photo: ABC)

Some big characters will be heading to Agents of SHIELD when the show's fourth season airs this fall. The series recently broke headlines during San Diego Comic Con as Marvel announced Ghost Rider would be coming to Agents of SHIELD. And, in an interview with io9, the show's executive producers are teasing some familiar Inhumans may make a debut as well.

Up until now, Agents of SHIELD has been limited in what they could do with their Inhumans storyline. The show introduced the extraterrestrial descendants following an arc that left the agents aware of the Kree. Shortly afterwards, the world found itself threatened by mass terrigenesis, the process which turns Kree descendants into Inhumans. The foiled threat left Skye/Daisy Johnson imbued with seismic powers, but there are hundreds of other Inhumans just waiting to be seen. And, since Marvel Studios has now dropped their once-planned Inhumans film from their release schedule, executive producer Jed Whedon says Agents of SHIELD has more room to expand its Inhuman lore.

"We do have a little more freedom," he said. "We've told a couple of seasons of stories but now we do have some more freedom. So when we return to focusing on Inhumans, we'll be able to do a little bit more."


Even more excitingly, Whedon said the show's newfound freedom will allow them to introduce some classic Inhumans to fans. Of course, many fans are hoping to see Black Bolt or Karnak, which is fair enough as those two guys are insanely important to the Inhumans. But, on a personal note, I'd like to see Lockjaw. I mean, we probably won't see him, but it'd be a great nod to have the adorable telepathic pup cameo in an episode, you know?