Marvel Makes Major Change to Blade's Avengers Role

Even though he's arguably always been a staple of the Marvel universe, Bladehas become a topic of [...]

Even though he's arguably always been a staple of the Marvel universe, Bladehas become a topic of conversation amongst fans recently, many who are eager to see his latest live-action incarnation. The fan-favorite vampire hunter has also had an increasingly significant role within the pages of Marvel Comics, including serving as a member of the Avengers. With a number of key storylines under his belt and the Heroes Reborn event fast approaching, it was safe to assume that Blade would soon reach a new status quo — and in the latest issue of the Avengers, that happened in spades. Spoilers for Avengers #45 from Jason Aaron, Lucas Maresca, David Curiel, and VC's Cory Petit below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue saw the Avengers deal with the fallout of King in Black — particularly, Dracula and his vampires wanting to form their own nation, as thanks for help in the fight against Knull. This possibility quickly polarizes the Avengers, some of whom are worried about the legal repercussions with the United Nations if that were to happen. Ultimately, both Blade and Black Panther determine a way for a compromise to be reached, and the Avengers arrive at Chernobyl, where Dracula's "Vampire Nation" has been set up. Although Dracula initially belittles the team and their rule of law, Blade tells him that he needs to play by the rules, and declares himself the "Sheriff of Vampire Town."

avengers 45 blade sheriff
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This new role for Blade definitely adds an intriguing twist to thhe idea of Blade being a formidable vampire hunter, as he will now have to theoretically work with the monsters he has spent years trying to vanquish. It also remains to be seen how this new job title could cut into Blade's time in the Avengers, although if his role in this week's Heroes Reborn event is any indication, that probably won't be a problem anytime soon.

"You're looking at a Marvel timeline that played out radically different," Avengers and Heroes Reborn writer Jason Aaron told earlier this year. "When Galactus first came to earth, it wasn't the Fantastic Four who were there to face him. When the Green Goblin threw someone to their death from the George Washington Bridge, it wasn't Spider-Man who was there screaming. When a Civil War tore apart the Marvel heroes, it wasn't Iron Man and Captain America who were fighting at its center. Heroes Reborn drops us into the middle of a world where the Marvel landscape has been radically recast and reshuffled, in some ways that I think will be surprising."

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