Avengers: Endgame Concept Art Reveals Nebula With Infinity Gauntlet

The finale to Marvel's Infinity Saga included a lot of heroic moments as Avengers: Endgame showed Earth's Mightiest Heroes wielding the Infinity Stones in order to undo the damage wrought by Thanos. But while Iron Man and the Hulk made key decisions to restore and save the galaxy from the Mad Titan, there was a version where Thanos' daughter Nebula would actually be the one to wield the Nano Guantlet, pushing her heroic arc even further after she turned her back on her evil roots and joined the Avengers.

New artwork released for the Marvel Studios film shows Rocket looking on as Nebula wields the Gauntlet, as well as a shot of Nebula spying on the Black Order as they meet with Thanos. There are also new images of Thanos meditating with his damaged arm as the Avengers arrive to see the destroyed Infinity Gauntlet, and another of Smart Hulk meeting one of his young fans. Check them out below:

Gillan has spoken at length about her character's growth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hinting that a lot of her character's problems stem from the abuse she suffered while being raised by Thanos.

"She suffers from some daddy issues," Gillan said. "I think I'm excited for her to finally face the source of this abuse. This has been building through multiple movies...I would like to see her try and face that. I don't know if she will. I'm not saying anything. I just got really nervous that I might have given something away."

The actress spoke about the confusion between playing two different versions of Nebula, revealing that it all came together when the finished product was released in theaters.


“Yeah, it was, actually, especially when you don’t have the full script,” the star began. “The way we differentiated them was by calling them ‘good Nebula’ and ‘bad Nebula.’ I had a lot of time travel questions coming from a time travel background. The directors [The Russo Brothers] really kept me on track. So, they were all over that, and I just found out whatever I needed to know for each scene. When I finally watched it, I was like, ‘Oh, this makes a lot of sense.’”

Avengers: Endgame is now available to purchase and stream on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and the Disney+ streaming service.