Avengers: Endgame Almost Digitally Inserted an Additional Marvel Character Into Funeral Scene

There are a lot of truly memorable scenes throughout Avengers: Endgame, but perhaps the one that will stick with fans the longest is the funeral of Tony Stark. Not only is it an incredibly emotional sequence in the film, but the funeral marks the only time throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe where just about every character important to the Avengers story is together on one screen. From Pepper Potts and Steve Rogers to Thunderbolt Ross and the kid from Iron Man 3, everybody who had a part in Tony's story was beside that lake for the pivotal scene. As it turns out, the creative team behind Endgame thought about including even more.

This week, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige sat down for an exclusive Q&A with Empire to talk about Endgame now that it's arrived on Digital HD. When the topic of the funeral scene came up, Feige revealed that Ant-Man's daughter was almost added in digitally, in order to complete Scott Lang's family.

"We did at one point toy with putting Cassie [Lang] there," said Feige. "At one point we thought of digitally adding her so it's the family, but we thought, 'This is the heroes celebrating the other heroes and the loss of Tony', so we didn't do it. Aside from Smart Hulk and Rocket and Groot, everybody's actually standing there."

As Feige explained, it made more sense to leave Cassie out of the scene than include her. She's a major part of Scott and Hope's story, but she never had any sort of impact on Tony's journey. Everyone at the funeral was connected to Iron Man in one way or another.


What did you think of the now-iconic funeral scene? Was there anyone else you thought should've been included? Let us know in the comments!

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