Mike Colter Confirms Luke Cage's 'Avengers: Endgame' Status

Mike Colter is not optimistic about Luke Cage's fate post-Avengers: Infinity War finger snap from [...]

Mike Colter is not optimistic about Luke Cage's fate post-Avengers: Infinity War finger snap from Thanos, also known as the Decimation.

The Luke Cage Netflix series quite literally did not survive the Decimation as Netflix has now canceled the series ahead of its third season (which did not exactly shock Colter, given some behind-the-scenes details). However, while speaking to ComicBook.com ahead of his appearance at Wizard World in New Orleans this weekend, Colter opened up about his character's fate.

"Am I in Avengers: Endgame?" Colter started out. "Well, you know what? Based off what happened, I'm already dead, the snap has already happened with Luke Cage. We're dead, we're already gone! I hate to break it down, break people's... but no, no, we're not."

Colter's comments seem to imply Luke Cage was wiped out of existence in the moments which took place in Avengers: Infinity War, which are opposite of Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb's usual approach to navigating connections to big screen events. "Specifically to that [The Snap], what we've said is that only we don't want to spoil what's in Avengers 4," Loeb told ComicBook.com at New York Comic Con. "Our story comes out before then so in that particular case, when there's something that cataclysmic, we've said that our story takes place before The Snap."

With Luke Cage the series being canceled, Colter remains optimistic that he will be able to reprise the role somewhere, especially in movies. "You know what? Sure," Colter said. "Absolutely, I'd be down for [movies]. Anything is possible. These things are sort of up in the air, at this moment. It's pretty fresh. We got canceled on October 19th, or something like that I think the date was. So yeah, it's still pretty fresh. We'll see. With time, they'll probably be some more clarity for everybody whether we're actually gonna be involved in anything else."

Would you like to see Luke Cage return in the form of a series on Netflix or Disney+ or would you rather see the Hero for Hire head to the big screen where he could spend some time with the other Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Luke Cage Season Two is available now on Netflix. Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26, 2019.